Making Bacon


Established in 2007 we've grown rapidly, and now deliver bacon goods across the length and breadth of the UK.


Looking for a reliable bacon supplier? Look no further than The Bacon Factory! We offer a wide variety of bacon products, all of which are made from the highest quality meats. Our bacon is perfect for any dish, whether you're looking to add a touch of flavor to your breakfast eggs or top off a juicy burger. And because we offer bulk discounts, you'll always get the best value when you buy from us. So don't wait any longer, order your bacon from us today!

About The Bacon Factory

With over four decades of expertise in the art of preparing and slicing bacon, we stand as one of the leading suppliers in the UK, offering an extensive variety of bacon.


Our pride lies in the wealth of knowledge and expertise that has been passed down through generations, from father to son.


If you're a bacon enthusiast looking to make a bulk purchase, come have a conversation with us. Our wholesale rates are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Each of our bacon products is meticulously crafted by skilled professionals, ensuring a consistently excellent bacon experience every time.


Our bacon delights have embarked on a global journey, reaching all four corners of the earth. We've established a robust export trade, serving supermarkets for expatriate communities in Europe and dispatching our goods as far as South America and the Middle East.


At The Bacon Factory, we don't just meet expectations; we go the extra mile! Whether it's designing a label, packing into catering or retail packets, smoking, or precision cutting—thick or thin—we're always here to tailor the product to your satisfaction.


Don't hesitate to ask, as we're dedicated to ensuring you get the perfect bacon for your needs!

Going the extra mile

The Bacon Factory are a family run, independent bacon suppliers providing only the best bacon products to both personal and retail sector clients.

The company was started by John and Christopher Hardman, a father and son team who have over 40 years experience. They were soon joined by second son Matthew and under the Hardman family the company has gone from strength to strength built on a commitment to the best products and service.

We specialise in solving problematic requests which others might deem too difficult, creating a reputation for going the extra mile.

We want to get our products right for you, so please make sure you let us know what your customers expect and we will deliver!

We are also passionate about getting involved in our local community by raising money and awareness through our charity work.

Packet sizes

If you are a retailer some times size can mean everything. It can mean the difference between making or losing a sale because of the perception that the smaller packets are better value.

We can alter the weight of our product packets from a standard 2.268kg catering packet, right down to the smallest retail sizes of say 400g or even 200g. We'll always try to get the best price and deliver to your door. Buy in bulk and pay promptly and we'll always look to make you a special offer.

For more information, contact The Bacon Factory today.